On the Issues:Terrorism

Combating Domestic Terrorism

In my lifetime, and those of many Americans my age, we have seen a dramatic rise in Domestic Terrorist incidents in the last 25 years. From the Oklahoma City Bombing of the mid 1990's to attacks in New York City from Islamic Extremists to the attack in Charlottesville, Virginia by a White Supremacist, America has seen attacks from various militant hate groups.

According to data from the government, the majority of attacks have come from more groups than others. Despite that, we have not allocated services to targeting the most likely groups of Americans to commit acts of terrorism.

Labeling Neo-Nazi Organizations as a Terrorist Group

In the past 20 years we have seen countless acts of domestic terrorism by various Neo-Nazi’s and Neo-Nazi Organizations. From the once infamous World Church of the Creator to the more modern groups such as the National Front and the American National Socialist Party, these organizations have become breeding grounds for multiple domestic terrorists over the years. We must ensure we eradicate this violent threat from our shores

If elected, we will ensure these hate groups, with their long history of domestic terrorism, are labeled and treated as such.