Privacy Policy

Update: February 20, 2018

What we collect:

We track users on our site

We use tracking tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your activity on the site. That's largely to help us see what you use, how long your on a page, and what sort of device you use to access the website.

Certain User Information

Your I.P. Address is stored in out tracking monitor, along with the city, state, and country you're visiting from. This is stored on Google, and we do not personally collect or store that information.

What you send us

If you volunteer, use the contact form, or send us an email, we do collect the information in it, but you expect that, right? That's kind of why you would do that. That said, we don't plan on selling that information to anyone else, but we may share it with other parties. So keep that in mind.

As for any and all information from donations, oh yeah, we keep all of that information!

What we don't collect:


We don't install any cookies on your computer or device to track you anywhere outside of the site. That isn't how we roll. That said, Google, our tracking software, does. We don't collect that data, but Google may.

What we also never do:

We don't do insane things like hide cryptocurrency miners in our site or favicons, and Lawrence West also wants to make that illegal.

This was a neat policy policy!

Thanks! Ideally any privacy policy or service agreement would be written more like this instead of the insanely complicated legalise you tend to see.