On the Issues:Reforming Health Care

Single-Payer Healthcare

As an asthmatic and a man who's been on Medicaid and private insurance, I can attest to both the cost and quality of service on a government system. A Medicaid for all system would mean the average American would save hundreds every year in basic insurance costs, and it means we would all have access to doctors for little or no cost out of pocket.

I am sick of seeing people being forced to beg for money for cancer treatment! I am sick of seeing people go bankrupt due to illness! I am sick of it being cheaper for a person to take a bus or a ride share service to get to a hospital than an ambulance! Our healthcare system is the laughing stock of the modern world.

If elected, I will sign onto Bernie Sander’s current legislation that would allow for a Single-Payer system. If we really care about life, from cradle to grave, we must make sure that life is protected for every American with basic universal health care.

Limited Government for Bodies

My party has stated countless times the need for limited government, and to that end I will make sure that the government does not control your bodies.

I will oppose any restrictions on abortion before 24 weeks, and will do everything to protect a woman’s right to decide what is best for themselves.