On the Issues:Protecting the Environment

A Long Republican History on Conservation

In 1916 Teddy Roosevelt witnessed the sheer majesty and glory of this nation's natural wonders. From the Grand Canyon to the mighty California Redwoods, he realized that it was important that this great nation protect the wonders for future generations to come. Thus he created the National Parks Service.

In the 1970's Richard Nixon, a devout Quaker who believed in protecting the environment, created the EPA to help protect our rivers and streams.

For over a century the Republican Party has meant their message of conservatism in relation to nature, and I seek to protect that legacy.

Climate Change

Mankind has had a dramatic affect on this planet, and with the dawn of the Industrial Age we have seen the planet get warmer. At this current rate the damage is nearly irreversible and we are seeing our sea levels rise.

I firmly believe in renewing the Paris Climate Accord and will sign onto agreements that help protect our planet. We must do all we can now to conserve this planet for future generations.

Conserving our Parks

If elected, I will oppose any and all legislation that seeks to destroy our open spaces. We’ve seen many of our national parks fall prey to oil drilling when we could instead focus on wind and solar power. We must conserve our parks for ourselves and future generations.

Conserving our Way of Life

The EPA has has multiple budget cuts and staff reductions. If elected I will ensure more funding for the EPA.

Conserving our Planet

Conservatism also means conserving our planet. We must take action now to make sure we have a planet worth living on tomorrow.

If elected, I will:

  • Oppose drilling in national parks as well as offshore drilling
  • Agree to all International Agreements and Treaties that protect the environment without hurting American jobs
  • Oppose all new oil pipelines that cross into residential areas or that are within 10 miles of rivers and streams
  • Vote for legislation that offers Americans grants and tax credits for installing clean energy alternatives such as wind, solar, and other renewable energy
  • Support nuclear power plants that follow any and all modern safety protocols

Together we can leave a safer, cleaner, and healthier planet for ourselves and others

Renewable Energy

I support making more investments into Solar and Wind Energy infrastructure.

The United States spent the majority of the last 100 years being a leader in energy. We had massive oil reserves that powered the world and coal helped to fuel innovation. But back in the 1970's we began to realize how finite those resources were and how disastrous they were to the environment. Now nations like China and Germany are taking the lead in the energy of the future countries including France are banning vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

America has begun to fall behind, and if we wish to be competitive again we must take a stand now to stay ahead. That is why I will focus on making renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy more affordable and begin to make them the focus of our energy needs.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

I firmly believe in renewing the Paris Climate Accord.