On the Issues:Protecting Civil Rights

Enshrining Civil Rights in the U.S. Constitution

In the 1960's the United States began the largest set of reforms in the nations history, reforms of the same size and scope of those under FDR in "The New Deal", but this time in the form of a New Deal for non-white citizens. With the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act we codified the principles that were core to our nation at its founding: That all men were created equal.

If elected, I will move to make these Legislative Acts part of the U.S. Constitution to give all Americans the full and equal protection we have in a way that they can never be taken away.

LGBTQ Protections

I'm for any and all protections for LGTBQ+ people without question.

I would push for Trans individuals to have the same rights in relation to using the bathroom as everyone else because, seriously, why on earth do we need bathroom bills?

Ensuring those with Disabilities get Minimum Wage

There are numerous workplaces across America called Sheltered Workshops that hire those with disabilities for less than minimum wage. Why are we, as a nation, allowing this practice to happen in the 21st Century? Alaska has taken the lead and barred this practice.

I will push for legislation to ensure that those with disabilities are hired at minimum wage to ensure they have a decent standard of living and work with dignity.